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[audio]BV Podcast 0143 (Sort Of) - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Hi folks, this is just a quick little audio status update to let you know what's going on with Bloodthirsty Vegetarians. We look forward to seeing you soon. Rich...
Keywords: Status Update; BloodyVeg; Bloodthirsty Vegetarians
Downloads: 646
[audio]BV Podcast 0217 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to show number 217. Not our best work, but we had to prove we were alive! * Rich did some recording at the Analog Realm * Is competition good or bad? I wish someone would decide * Paul has all sorts of big news * See you soon!
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 217; recording; analog; Analog Realm; competition; capitalism; free market; mergers; pregnancy; unemployed; news
Downloads: 362
[audio]BV Podcast 0201 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome back... to episode number 201, Your dreams were your ticket out. Today we give you two debates for the price of one! * We forgot to mention that last week's show was number 200! * Don't forget our Paypal button over there --> * Please donate to The Family Nurturing Center if you are so inclined * The Rolling Stones are on tour. Can you tell we're excited? * More Lance Arnstrong news * Tune 1: Flesh & Bone by Paul Angerosa * Both Vice, and Presidential Debates * Tune 2: Hero's Chair by Vi...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 201; Paypal; donate; Family Nurturing Center; Central NY; Rolling Stones; tour; Lance Arnstrong; Flesh & Bone; Paul Angerosa; Vice Presidential; Presidential; Debates; Hero's Chair; Victor Grey; Hans Storsberg; T-Shirts; BloodyVeg web; store; Grace and Paul Pottscast
Downloads: 189
[audio]BV Podcast 0210 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to show number 210, our final show of 2012. * What are we thankful for? * Tune 1: Anchorage by Marian Call * Our 2012 highlights. What are yours? * Tune 2: Kitchen Song by Valorie Miller * Our resolutions. What are yours? * Happy New Year!!
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 210; We give thanks; thankful; Anchorage; Marian Call; 2012; highlights; Kitchen Song; Valorie Miller; resolutions; Happy New Year
Downloads: 255
[audio]BV Podcast 0218 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to show number 218. If this show were five dentists, at least four of them would approve of it. * Greetings! * Where in gods name have we been??! * Rich mixed a Rock Opera * Paul has been job hunting, and eating pie * Tune 1: Egg by Jenny Katz * The Boston Marathon bombings * See you next time!
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 218; dentists; Greetings; gods; Rock Opera; job; job hunting; pie; unemployment; Egg; Jenny Katz; Boston Marathon; bombings; terrorism
Downloads: 932
[audio]BV Podcast 0191 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Hello and welcome to our 191st show. * Greetings and felicitations * We briefly discuss the U.S. drought and heatwave * Rich explains his weird Spinal Tap reference * This time we do a real Olympic Update * Tune 1: The Bishop by Big Green * Joe from Big Green previously joined us as a guest on show #0163 * The NASA Curiosity Rover has landed on Mars! * Tune 2: Worm by Keith Spears * Later Gator
Keywords: bloodyveg; podcast; 191; Greetings; drought; heatwave; Spinal Tap; Olympic; Update; The Bishop; Big Green; NASA; Curiosity Rover; Mars; Worm; Keith Spears
Downloads: 114
[audio]BV Podcast 0197 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
This is show number 197. We should be entitled to some sort of pension by now, I would think. * Greetings to our listeners in Czechoslovakia * Rich is re-purposing an old Pentium 90 machine using FreeDOS * Is this whole Kate Middleton photo thing THAT big a deal? * Check out our T-Shirts at the BloodyVeg web store * Tune 1: Conduit by Seth Horan * Mitt Romney puts his foot in his mouth again with this whole 47% thing * The Ezra Klein piece that Paul referenced * Tune 2: Off The Cuff by Eye Level...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 197; Liz Cheney; Czechoslovakia; Pentium; 90; FreeDOS; Kate Middleton; nude; photos; T-Shirts; BloodyVeg web store; Conduit; Seth Horan; Mitt Romney; foot in mouth; 47%; freeloaders; victims; Ezra Klein; Off The Cuff; Eye Level; cheesy; martial arts; films; Bruce Lee; Jackie Chan
Downloads: 134
[audio]BV Podcast 0208 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to podcast 208, where we're still trying to figure out that whole 12 Days of Hanukkah, thing. * Obama has another reason not to talk about guns * Paul talks about writer Gene Wolfe * Paul mentions a possible Stargate universe reboot * We address some listener feedback that we got on the voice-mail line * Tune 1: Last Song by Julien Claasen * Apparently you are now allowed to have a job in Michigan * Tune 2: Sky High by Numira * Rich briefly discusses the HBO show Boardwalk Empire * Adios...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 208; 12 Days; Hanukkah; Barack Obama; guns; Oregon; shooting; Gene Wolfe; Stargate; reboot; Last Song; Julien Claasen; Michigan; Right to Work; Orwelle; Orwellian; Sky High; Numira; HBO; Boardwalk Empire
Downloads: 292
[audio]BV Podcast 0194 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to our 194th offering. Yet, due to some weird math, it's actually our 196th show. * Hiya! * Paul got attacked by a bat! * Lance Armstrong is in the news again * Tune 1: The Streets of New Orleans by Gale Mead * Is this Variable Annuity deal ethical and moral? * Tune 2: Star by The Blind Spots * And don't forget, for all of your Pencil and Stationary needs, visit * Bon Voyage
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 194; Lance Armstrong; USADA; Tour de France; bats; bat; The Streets of New Orleans; Gale Mead; This American Life; Ira Glass; Joseph Caramadre; Variable Annuity; scam; ethical; moral; Star; The Blind Spots; pencil; stationary;
Downloads: 142
[audio]BV Podcast 0202 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to podcast number 202, where President Obama is seen hanging out with Boss Hogg. * What are we doing on Halloween? * We briefly discuss the final Presidential Debate * We also briefly discuss the Third Party Candidates Debate * Lance Armstrong officially had his titles stripped * Tune 1: Crypto by Keith Spears * Racism * Was Sarah Palin being racist when she accused the president of "shucking and jiving" and is that phrase racist? * The Dukes of Hazzard said it every week * Was it worse ...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 202; Boss Hogg; Halloween; Presidential Debate; Third Party Candidates Debate; Lance Armstrong; titles stripped; Tour de France; Crypto; Keith Spears; Racism; Sarah Palin; President Obama; shucking and jiving; Ann Coulter; retard; Dukes of Hazzard; Cell Phone; Jonathan Coleman
Downloads: 177
[audio]BV Podcast 0196 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
196 bottles of beer on the wall, 196 bottles of beer... * Hello! * The iPhone 5 came out. WHO CARES. * Do Funding Platforms like Kickstarter work? I'm trying to fund a CD release * Tune 1: Ohio by Jason Schnitt * Guilty pleasures: Our favorite 'B' Science Fiction and Horror films * Tune 2: Mapping the Paddocks by Simon Fox * Paul needs help finding a film from his youth. * We say hi to our friends at * Laterz
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 196; iPhone; Apple; computer; WHO CARES; Funding Platforms; Kickstarter; Hydravian; CD; release; prog-rock; fusion; Ohio; Jason Schnitt; Guilty pleasures; favorite; B Movies; Science Fiction; Horror; films; Mapping the Paddocks; Simon Fox;; palomino; blackwing; 602
Downloads: 144
[audio]BV Podcast 0203 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
How weird is it that we're about to elect our 203rd president, and this is show number 203?! Oh... wait... * What we ended up doing on Halloween * HHB finally sent me some replacement CDRs * So have these electronic voting machines made it easier to rig our elections? * Tune 1: You're Bringing Me Down by Crash * Hurricane Sandy, and how will it affect things moving forward * The BV podcast acually began around another infamous hurricane * Tune 2: Karnevale 2 by Ljova * We respond to some listene...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 203; Halloween; HHB; CDR; electronic voting machines; black box voting; rig; elections; You're Bringing Me Down; Crash; Hurricane Sandy; katrina; Karnevale 2; Ljova; listener feedback; shucking and jiving; spearchucker
Downloads: 211
[audio]BV Podcast 0204 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Phew! Welcome to episode number 204. Thank gods that whole election thing is over! The bad news is the primary process for 2016 begins next month. * Paul and I went bar-hopping on election night * We moved out of Daylight Saving Time * Tune 1: Disruptive by Big Green * That whole 2012 election thing * The GOP disconnect, and why they lost * Tune 2: The Loons Are There by Big Green * Rich reveals the theme in our music choices * Check out our T-Shirts! * Until next time
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 204; bar-hopping; election; night; Daylight Saving Time; Disruptive; Big Green; 2012 election; president; Barack Obama; governor; Mitt Romney; GOP; disconnect; The Loons Are There; musis theme; T-Shirts
Downloads: 196
[audio]BV Podcast 0190 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Will you listen to our 190th offering, or are you chicken?? * Greetings * Ugh, more gardening * Rich talks about his costume plans for CONvergence 2013 * Our Olympic update * Fencer's appeal is denied in critical match * Tune 1: Noah Complex by Matt Schwartzer * We deconstruct the Chick-Fil-A controversy * See you on the flip side!
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 190; gardening; costume; CONvergence; 2013; Olympic; update; fencing; fencer; appeal; denied; Noah Complex; Matt Schwartzer; deconstruct; Chick-Fil-A; controversy; free speech; hate speech; Richard Roeper; Chicago; Rahm Emanuel; Boston; Thomas Menino
Downloads: 162
[audio]BV Podcast 0216 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to show number 216, which is the Atomic Number of Bloodyvegium. * Hiya * Paul talks about getting his computer in shape to do some DJ'ing and music production * Rich has some plans for the analog studio * Rich wants to know how anyone could mistake Beyonce for a genius * Tune 1 Gigue by J.S. Bach (BWV 997) as performed by Gonzalo Molano * Giant Space Rock Attacks Russia! * Tune 2: Hypocrisy by Rattlebasket * Paul and his family watch more Dr...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 216; Atomic Number; Bloodyvegium; computer; music; production; Beyonce; genius; DJ; analog; studio; Gigue; J.S. Bach; BWV 997; Gonzalo Molano; Giant; Space; Rock; Attacks; Russia; asteroid; meteor; meteorite; meteoroid; Tungusma; Siberia; Hypocrisy; Rattlebasket; Dr. Who
Downloads: 315
[audio]BV Podcast 0215 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Greetings, and welcome to show number 215, the State of the Podcast, Podcast. * Is it weird that show 215 comes out on 2/15? I didn't think so. * Paul can't seem to keep SPICY! under control. WTF? * Paul is giving up Facebook for Lent * Tune 1: Gun Slinger by Daniel Worth * Obama's State of the Union. A big who cares for Rich. * Tune 2: Mouth Full of Marbles by The Donefors * Valentines Day. I call it Thursday * Not if I see you first!
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 215; SPICY!; Skynet; Facebook; Lent; Gun Slinger; Daniel Worth; Barack Obama; State of the Union; Ted Nugent; who cares; Mouth Full of Marbles; The Donefors; Valentines Day; Thursday
Downloads: 347
[audio]BV Podcast 0211 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to show 211, the first show of the new year. Let's light this party, and get this candle started! * Happy new year! * Rich's latest computer news * Tune 1: The Ska is the Limit by Lonny Ziblat * On Quentin Tarantino and violent films. Does "movie violence" have any * correlation to violence in the real world? * Tune 2: Cherry Season by The Donefors
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 211; new year; party; candle; Happy new year; computer; news; The Ska is the Limit; Lonny Ziblat; Modest Midget; Quentin Tarantino; violent films; movie violence; violence; Fresh Air; Terry Gross; real world; Cherry Season; The Donefors
Downloads: 265
[audio]BV Podcast 0213 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
We're back with show number 213... which was also my homeroom number in Junior High. * We're back! * Paul has been sick * Lance Armstrong admits to doping * Tune 1: Aurora Borealis by Marian Call * Homework is due. Is The Big Bang Theory offensive to Geeks? * Tune 2: Glasses by Jonathan Coulton * Did Glee steal Jonathan Coulton's arrangement and tracks? * Stay warm!
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 213; sick; flu; Lance Armstrong; Oprah Winfrey; OWN; doping; EPO; Aurora Borealis; Marian Call; Homework; Big Bang Theory; offensive; Geeks; nerd; Glasses; Jonathan Coulton; Glee; steal; theft; arrangement
Downloads: 410
[audio]BV Podcast 0198 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination, take a look, and you'll see, show number 198. * Hello! * Just where is Glenn Beck? WHO CARES! * Space Shuttle Endeavor has one last flight around the country * We have a very simple solution to cut down on military suicides * Tune 1: I'll Still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it's Chic by Marian Call * The Invisible Man: How the right has been, and is continuing to talk about the empty chair that they see as President Obama * Tune 2: The...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 19; Glenn Beck; Space Shuttle; Endeavor; NASA; Gabby Giffords; Mark Kelly; military suicides; I'll Still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it's Chic; Marian Call; The Invisible Man; empty; chair; right; GOP; right wing; President; POTUS; Barack Obama; The Letter; Peter Witte
Downloads: 144
[audio]BV Podcast 0206 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to podcast number 206, an all Union show. * Herro! * RIP Larry Hagman, AKA Major Tony Nelson * Is the word 'Actress' sexist and negative? * The fire in Bangladesh is like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, all over again * Tune 1: Left Behind by Valorie Miller * Black Friday and Christmas * Tune 2: who's less blah? by Hans Storsberg * Game of Thrones Book Three: A Storm of Swords * Buy bonds!
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 206; Union show; RIP; Larry Hagman; Major Tony Nelson; Actress; sexist; negative; actor; fire; Bangladesh; Triangle Shirtwaist Factory; Walmart; Left Behind; Valorie Miller; Black Friday; Christmas; Holiday; Solstice; who's less blah?; Hans Storsberg; Game of Thrones; Book; Three; A Storm of Swords
Downloads: 338
[audio]BV Podcast 0192 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends... err... well, maybe not, but we can offer show number 192. * Hello! * Great Britain wants to take Julian Assange by force from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London after being granted political asylum * Aaaaaaaand we have some more shootings * Aaaaaaaand Dave Mustaine is still an idiot * Our third Olympic Update * Special thanks to Kate Madson for lending us her voice acting talents! * Tune 1: Buy Me by Modest Midget * Is social media real, or do...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 192; Julian Assange; illegal; extradition; Ecuador; Embassy; political; asylum; International law; shootings; Texas A&M; Sikh Temple; Chick-Fil-A; Dave Mustaine; Idiot; Olympic; Update; Buy Me; Modest Midget; social media; illusion; connected; anti-social; Jorge Knows; Howard Caine; Major Hochstetter; banjo
Downloads: 375
[audio]BV Podcast 0195 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Hello, and welcome to the 195th meeting of the Anarchist Party's national convention. * Come on in, but please don't talk to my furniture! * CDRs. How long should they last? * Tune 1: Where's My Jetpack by Radio Free Babylon * Republican National Convention Highlights * Tune 2 dis-org by The Fiendz * Democratic National Convention Highlights * And yet another shout-out to our friends at * Until next time
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 194; furniture; CDR; lifetime; Where's My Jetpack; Radio Free Babylon; Republican National Convention; Republican; National; Convention; Highlights; Clint Eastwood; Surreal; Surrealist; Dada; Dadaism; Mitt Romney; dis-org; The Fiendz; Democratic National Convention Highlights; Democratic; Democrat; National; Convention; Highlights; Bill Clinton; Barack Obama; pencil; pencils;
Downloads: 196
[audio]BV Podcast 0212 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
There's a lotta 2's in show number 212, so I guess it will be twice as good as our normal offerings! * Paul had a great day! * Mine started out not nearly as well * Homework: Is The Big Bang Theory offensive to geeks? * Just how big would a Trillion Dollar Coin be? * Tune 1: Strange Christmas by Big Green * No really. Whats up with the gun nuts???? * Here is that Piers Morgan interview with Alex Jones * Tune 2: If You Ever Change Your Mind by Pete Witte * Our changing weather patterns...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 212; Mental Vacation; Homework; Big Bang Theory offensive; geeks; Trillion Dollar Coin be; Strange Christmas; Big Green; gun nuts; Piers Morgan; Alex Jones; gun control; Obama; Biden; NRA; LaPierre; If You Ever Change Your Mind; Pete Witte; weather patterns; weather; climate change; global warming
Downloads: 320
[audio]BV Podcast 0200 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Holy crap! We've made it to number 200! * Welcome to a new hundreds digit! * I briefly discuss the death of my dear friend Donna, and discuss her not-for-profit, the Family Nurturing Center * So it looks like Lance Armstrong really was a walking pharmacy * Presidential debate talk * Tune 1: Grandfather's Clock as arranged and performed by The Badly Bent * Top-Five mundane things we have never done * Tune 2: Birth/Naissance by Antoine DuFour * We still have more copies of Charles Marohn's book ab...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 200; death; cancer; friend; Donna; not-for-profit; The Family Nurturing Center; Lance Armstrong; pharmacy; doper; EPO; blood; President; vice-president; debate; Grandfather's Clock; The Badly Bent; Henry Clay Work; Top-Five; Top 5; list; mundane things; Birth/Naissance; Antoine DuFour; Charles L. Marohn; book; Strong Towns
Downloads: 167
[audio]BV Podcast 0193 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Four out of five dentists recommend show number 193. * Bonjour! * Thanks again to Kate Madson for lending us her voice * We respond to listener feedback * Modest Midget's violin solo reminded me of Allen Sloan * Goodbye Phyllis Diller * Tune 1: Nine Beers by Jonathan Coleman * Do the terms Liberal, Conservative, Left and Right have any meaning anymore? * The 'Job Creator' TED video that we referenced * Bloodthirsty Vegetarians uses exclusively for all of our pencil needs! * Au revoir...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 193; listener feedback; Modest Midget; violin; solo; Allen Sloan; Phyllis Diller; Nine Beers; Jonathan Coleman; terms; Liberal; Conservative; Left; Right; progressive; reactionary; socialist; fascist; anarchy; anarchist; job; creator; job creator; TED; Nick Hanauer;; pencil; Palomino; Blackwing; Palomino Blackwing
Downloads: 135
[audio]BV Podcast 0199 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to show number 199. I know that number has to be meaningful on some level! * A shout out to our friend Andy Welfle * We discuss the first presidential debate * Tune 1: The Show by Mike Holstein as performed by Spork (AKA Cosmic Ray Liotta) * Top Five films/TV shows/books you would like to see produced * Tune 2: Button Up Your Overcoat as performed by Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators * We discuss Strong Towns by Charles L...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 199; Andy Welfle; presidential debate; The Show; Mike Holstein; Spork; Cosmic Ray Liotta; Top Five; films; TV; shows; books; produced; production; Button Up Your Overcoat; Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators; DeSylva; Brown; Henderson; Strong Towns; Charles L. Marohn; complimentary; book; Auf wiedersehen
Downloads: 175
[audio]BV Podcast 0214 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
On this, our 214th episode, we offer this bounty: * Hello! * My bank was robbed! * Paul has been reading authors Kat Richardson and Kage Baker * Paul demos his "Self-Programmable Ingredient Catalog, Yummy!" AI Search Engine. "SPICY!" for short * Tune 1: Serenade by Franz Schubert as transcribed and performed by Miguel Pico * Listener feedback from Dan on the whole Big Bang Theory thing * Tune 2: Boom Goes the Dynamite by Jenny Katz * The 'Boom Goes the Dynamite' meme we mentioned * In Memory of ...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 214; Adirondack Bank; robbed; Kat Richardson; Kage Baker; Self-Programmable Ingredient Catalog Yummy; AI; Search Engine; SPICY; Serenade; Franz Schubert; transcribed; Miguel Pico; feedback; Dan; Big Bang Theory; geek; nerd; Boom Goes the Dynamite; Jenny Katz; Sports; meme; RIP; In Memory; Dr. Francis Talarico
Downloads: 392
[audio]BV Podcast 0209 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
If you're able to listen to podcast 209, the world didn't come to an end. DARN! * Julian Assange gave a speech today * RIP Martin Haywood, a great friend to BloodyVeg (previous shows where we mentioned Martin are here and here) * The NY Mets trade RA Dickey to Toronto for top prospects * We got a voice-mail from Julien * Tune 1: Pretending To Heal by Seth Horan * We discuss the horrific Newtown CT tragedy, and guns * Tune 2: Don't Wait Til The Night Before Christmas by Miss Rose and Her Rhythm P...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 209; RIP; Martin Haywood; NY; Mets; RA Dickey; Toronto; Blue Jays; voice-mail; Julien; Pretending To Heal; Seth Horan; Newtown; CT; tragedy; guns; Don't Wait Til The Night Before Christmas; Miss Rose and Her Rhythm Percolators; 50; word; review; The Hobbit; Happy Holidays
Downloads: 307
[audio]BV Podcast 0207 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
We welcome you to show number 207, where were hitting on the moonshine, and rocking in the grain. * We've had better weeks * Paul got called out on that whole 'neuter pronoun' thing * More Lance Armstrong talk * The Michigan war on Unions is nothing more than Wisconsin part II * What war on Christmas? * Tune 1: Brains For Sale by Jonas Grumby * We briefly discuss the new JJ Abrams Star Trek film * Does Meritocracy exist anywhere, anymore? * Tune 2: Bright Blue Blood by The Blind Spots * More on ...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 207; moonshine; rocking; grain; neuter; pronoun; Lance Armstrong; Michigan; war; Unions; Wisconsin; part II; war on Christmas; Brains For Sale; Jonas Grumby; JJ Abrams; Star Trek; Into Darkness; Meritocracy; Meritocracies; Bright Blue Blood; The Blind Spots; Game of Thrones; A Storm of Swords; T-Shirts; holiday; gift
Downloads: 313
[audio]BV Podcast 0205 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to podcast number 205. Isn't that how many electoral votes Mitt Romey got? * Happy Thanksgiving! * Rich corrects an error from the last show where he incorrectly called the Big Green song "Disruption," when it is really "Disruptive" * Paul discusses Land Of The Lost * We discuss the Hostess snack foods situation * Paul Saw Mitt Romney at a gas station. Or what is really Elvis? * We discuss the Elmo/Kevin Clash Situation * Tune 1: The Narrator by the Donefors * Johan Bruyneel and his lavi...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 205; electoral votes; Mitt Romey; Happy Thanksgiving; Big Green; Disruptive; Land Of The Lost; Hostess; snack food; Twinkies; Ho Hos; gas station; Elvis; Elmo; Kevin Clash; Papa John; Schnatter; Papa John's; John McCain; The Narrator; Donefors; Lance Armstrong; Johan Bruyneel; Scotland; lavish; castle; doping; Twitter; post; Ain't She Sweet; Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators; Milton Ager; Jack Yellen; Mars; Curiosity; Rover; discovery; shopping; Black Friday; Walmart; Strike
Downloads: 189
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